Does the Rain of Benevolence Bath using One and All Likewise?

Knowing could be of two sorts. There is one kind of knowledge that’s rote, memorized; another is really a live-knowing, recognized from your lived experiences. No storage is required here. Then everything you know is true, traditional information. In the former variety, understanding is really a pressure, by which there’s every possibility that one can drown; it can never make one weightless. Knowing can be described as a living knowledge also, then what you know is not carried on the head just like a monster of burden; it makes you glow with light, it makes you so light that it offers you the wings with which you can travel in the skies. Only then are the chains of slavery damaged, and the door of eternity opens for you.But to know is quite difficult; to accumulate knowledge is simple. That’s why your brain prefers the easy, and eliminates the difficult. To evade the hard is to prevent the doors of the impossible. This kind of one will remain deprived of Truth also, because truth is for the absolutely daring – players, and not for the shopkeepers. Truth is not a small-time give-and-take business suchmaschinenoptimierung. Gamblers share their cash, the seekers of Truth, their all! One who is perhaps not prepared to risk his home, will never understand some of the profundities of life.Mysteries are never available cheap; knowledge is easily available in the textbooks, in the scriptures, from the teachers – nearly free. But, to be religiously religious, and I actually do not mean here in a main-stream sense, you have to pay huge price. Individuals who guess their very lives to know from life, learns all there’s to understand in life. Life is our greatest teacher. If you do not permit the greatest teacher to teach you, then who else may, or can?The educated man who feels that he knows from what he’s learnt from the books, practices, scriptures, synagogues, churches, temples and other synthetic resources, is in greater danger compared to man who is unaware because he knows that he doesn’t understand. At the very least, that much truth he knows. Rarely could one look for a more untrue person than the ‘alleged realized.’ William Hazlitt has created in his essay On the Ignorance of the Learned – ‘For the more languages a man could talk, his talent has but sprung the greater leak;… Yet he that’s but able to state no feeling at all in several languages, may pass for learneder than he that is known to speak the strongest reason in their own.’ So also did Alexander Pope say it beautifully in an alliterative quote, ‘the bookful blockhead, ignorantly read, with masses of learned lumber in his head.’Crammed knowledge resides in the brain, or, to be more particular, in the throat, and thus does not reach further compared to the ears of a listener. Experiential information rests in the deep recesses of one’s heart and when spoken, its reality touches the hearts of a market. Reality is very dense, concentrated, and if fed forcefully to a non-receptive heart, is only going to sicken, but not nourish this kind of person.To be responsive, to be available, to be a container, is incredibly difficult without doubt, but they are the very conditions essential for understanding. The desire for seeking out truth, the strength of which can be associated with parched countries where the breaks that appear are just like the lips opened on our planet, as if in utter journey and a fervent prayer to the clouds to satisfy its thirst and, without which it will become barren and dead. Limited to such the rains carry furthermore, the benevolence that becomes a torrent.Hope that this benevolence will be mine, and yours also, someday.Be Blissful!